Application Delivery

Applications have transformed business and lie at the core of most business operations; however, networks can struggle to adapt to this increasingly demanding application environment. Application performance directly affects the experience of staff, customers and business partners, impacting business outcomes and productivity.

Traditional networks weren’t designed or optimised to cope with the diverse application locations and content requirements of today’s businesses Read our paper

When business critical applications are slow, unavailable or cannot be deployed efficiently, end-user satisfaction plummets and the enterprise suffers:

  • Application data traffic presents constant network load balancing challenges
  • Cloud solutions generate ‘north south’ traffic out to the internet, placing demands on WAN links with requirements for solid band links and redundancy
  • Network apps create ‘east west’ traffic across the enterprise network, placing demands on data centres, data recovery and network performance
  • IT departments are grappling with how to get the most out of existing network infrastructure to avoid the cost and impact of upgrading fibre, switches and other infrastructure
  • Many legacy networks have been built up over different stages and as a result aren’t optimised.

With deep network expertise, Matrix CNI is addressing application delivery with intelligent load balancing and network optimisation to maximise application availability and performance.

Application Performance

Matrix CNI understands that the underlying network infrastructure is key to application performance.

  • Applications can all hit the same services on the network, so load balancing becomes critical
  • Load balancing can help to provide high availability for critical business applications
  • Multi-tenancy of virtual servers on the same host often results in traffic going out to the switch and then back to the very same host server leading to application latency. Connecting between servers on a host can improve application performance
  • Legacy networks set up over time, lead to inefficient traffic routing and application latency. Implementing smart network options to automatically optimise network traffic can dramatically increase performance, utilisation and security
  • Cloud applications generate a high density of network traffic - mobility and networking solutions can help to optimise that traffic
  • With the increased use of cloud services, you need to secure application data as it moves between the corporate and cloud environments without affecting application performance. Solutions such as encryption and SSL can be used, but can place a heavy load on your existing infrastructure so you need to choose the right solution
  • Improving web application performance has moved past mechanisms such as caching and protocol optimisation. Organisations now need to be considering approaches such as intelligent compression, WAN optimisation, Layer 7 rate shaping and SSL acceleration.

Matrix CNI helps you to get the most out of your network with intelligent optimisation to meet application performance demand.

The Personalised Matrix Experience

Our application performance optimisation experts can help you with:

  • A dedicated application performance expert from start to finish 
  • Assessment of current performance of your enterprise apps to ensure high availability to meet user needs
  • Specialist expertise to deliver high availability for critical business applications
  • Practical recommendations on where to focus for greatest impact e.g. load balancing, web application acceleration, identity and access management, data centre security, safeguarding service provider multi-tenancy and network performance
  • Responsive service and assistance every step of the way.

At Matrix CNI, we combine industry-leading application availability and network expertise, a flexible approach and an agile mindset for truly personalised, problem-solving services.

The Network Specialists

Matrix CNI are the leaders in integrated, mobility-first networking. Networking is our heritage, and there are few providers with the same experience and passion. Our expertise is unrivalled, with highly qualified and fully certified engineers, so you can take advantage of cost-effective delivery and maintenance with a cost-to-output that far outweighs our bigger competitors.

Leading Vendor Partnerships

Matrix CNI partners with industry leading vendor solutions specialising in network optimisation to maximise enterprise app availability and performance.

  • Matrix CNI is an F5 Networks Silver Partner
  • Matrix CNI is a Juniper Networks Select Partner.

Strategy, Design, Implementation, Support

With the best of application availability solutions built on our network security heritage, Matrix CNI provides:

  • Partnership with you to understand and optimise performance of enterprise apps securely, reliably, on any device, anywhere
  • Support agreements for key network infrastructure to enable ultimate response time and service provision.