Enterprise mobility is a necessity in business. Ensuring network security across the enterprise while providing simple device provisioning, on-boarding, authentication and reporting has become more critical than ever. Addressing these challenges is key to delivering a seamless, positive user experience.

Automated device provisioning enables secure BYOD Watch video

Enterprise organisations need to consider several factors, such as:

  • The proliferation of multiple types of mobile devices and how they interact with your network
  • Controlling and catering for multiple devices per person which can be up to 2 or 3 devices per person
  • On boarding and authenticating these devices without adding significant IT overheads
  • Scalable Wi-Fi and cloud infrastructure for the expanding edges of enterprise IT
  • External threat vectors that constantly seek to exploit mobile devices and networks
  • Security breach notification requirements that create additional public pressure.

With unparalleled experience in scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions, Matrix CNI is enabling enterprise mobility with secure on-boarding, provisioning, authentication and access to enable quality network access for any device, anywhere.

Enabling Enterprise Mobility

End-users interact with consumer services on mobile devices anywhere. They expect similar simplicity and ease when interacting with enterprise systems. Matrix CNI helps organisations to deliver that with assistance on every aspect of enterprise mobility:

  • Heat mapping to monitor and manage mobility across the enterprise
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) for enhanced user experience
  • Automated device provisioning for secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Watch video
  • Guest access solutions to extend mobility to business partners.

Industry Specific Solutions

The power of Enterprise Mobility solutions can be fully realised when they’re customised to your specific industry and business requirements. Whether it’s improving the customer experience in retail, transforming patient care and hospital triage processes or helping with real-time location services and wayfinding for in-building or campus navigation, you can address both business and customer-related challenges.

With the right supporting wireless and wired platform, you can also harness the “context” of the user to customise their experience while also applying the right level of security through carefully constructed policies and a single platform to manage everything.

Some examples of industry specific mobility solutions include:

Securing Mobile Access

The biggest challenge in securing mobile access lies in the management of context, who is trying to access the network, what device are they are on, where are they located and what information they are trying to access.  Someone who is authorised to edit sensitive financial information in the office may not have the same rights when on a smartphone in another country.  Matrix CNI can help you establish a security framework for mobile access that includes:

  • Secure authentication of mobile devices anywhere
  • Network access control for secure enterprise mobility
  • Integration with existing security infrastructure to provide the power to contextualise a range of different security situations. This results in better security decisions based on devices and users. e.g. the ability to see application traffic (firewall) and context of the user (device, usage pattern) before permitting access
  • Any industry specific security requirements such as multi-factor authentication.

The Network Specialists

Matrix CNI are the leaders in integrated, mobility-first networking. Networking is our heritage, and there are few providers with the same experience and passion. Our expertise is unrivalled, with highly qualified and fully certified engineers, so you can take advantage of cost-effective delivery and maintenance with a cost-to-output ratio that far outweighs our bigger competitors.

Leading Vendor Partnerships

Matrix CNI partners with industry leading vendors like Aruba.  In 2016, we were proud to take to the ANZ Atmosphere stage as the recipients of Aruba ANZ Partner of the Year, as well as ClearPass Partner of the Year, recognition for continued growth and leadership.



Our best-in-breed partners deliver highly-integrated solutions, which allow us to:

  • Enable policy management for mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Identify what’s on your wired or wireless network.
  • Enforce smart policies for mobile devices
  • Protect resources via dynamic policy controls and threat remediation
  • Harness real-time analytics for mobile infrastructure
  • Secure bring your own device (BYOD) environments.

Strategy, Design, Implementation, Support

With network security heritage and best of breed mobility solutions, Matrix CNI provides:

  • Partnership with you to achieve your enterprise mobility vision securely, reliably, on any device, anywhere
  • Support agreements for enterprise mobility to enable ultimate response time and service provision.

The Personalised Matrix Experience

Our mobility experts are dedicated to building a secure enterprise mobility solution tailored to your requirements:

  • A dedicated mobility expert from start to finish
  • Tailored assessment of your wired and wireless networks to assess fitness for purpose for enterprise mobility
  • Comprehensive reporting on network security, network access control, coverage, utilisation and potential performance
  • Practical recommendations and assistance every step of the way.

At Matrix CNI, we combine industry-leading mobility network expertise, a flexible approach and an agile mindset for truly personalised, problem-solving services.