Cisco Systems

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT and the largest networking company in the world. They have a comprehensive portfolio for organizations of any size and can deliver this from the cloud, on premises or through a hybrid combination of the two. We partner with Cisco Systems for our IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Centre and Web/Audio/Video Conferencing solutions. Cisco build products with native integration between software, hardware, and the network.

Cisco Partner

Our Parnership

Matrix CNI was one of the first Cisco Voice partners in Australia and were invited by global enterprises to redesign and optimize their voice networks. Our expertise was in such high regard that our senior engineer would train Cisco new hires.

Since then we have been building on these skills and offering further collaborative solutions such as conferencing and call center deployments. The benefit to our customers has beenenormous.

Nowadays we are able to offer the full suite of Cisco Collaboration solutions as well as Video conferencing. With further leaps in research and development built on a strong foundation Matrix CNI and Cisco are continually helping businesses reach their potential through better communication.

Martrix CNI is a Cisco Systems Premier Partner with Advanced Collaboration and TelePresence Video Express Certifications.

How we can help you:

  • Implementing IP Telephony.
  • Implementing a Unified Communications platform for voice, video, data, and mobile applications.
  • Setting up collaborative team workspaces including encrypted messaging, file and screen sharing.
  • Mobile and Teleworker collaboration and secure workload access.
  • Setting up or expanding a Contact Centre environment.
  • Deploying Web Conferencing.
  • Deploying Audio Conferencing.
  • Deploying Video Conferencing.

See our Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions or Contact us for more information.