With cyber attacks costing businesses US$400 billion annually, cybersecurity should be a leading concern for enterprises in all industries across the globe. Data, resources, and identities are at constant risk of attack, and security breaches can wreak financial and internal havoc if not properly prevented.

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A host of bad practices and complacency mean enterprise networks are ill-equipped to address the onslaught of advanced, targeted and ever-evolving threats. In addition, effective network protection has been made increasingly complex by:

  • the inadequacies of legacy AAA infrastructure
  • the arrival of Mobility, IoT and BYOD (loss of visibility and control)
  • the merge of wired and wireless environments
  • and network segmentation (a short-sighted solution attempting to mitigate the expanding proliferation of untrusted devices).

Every organisation needs to take direct action to secure all points of vulnerability before it is too late. Thankfully, Network Access Control (NAC) has come a long way from its painfully complex, limited attempts to stop the spread of malware. Today, NAC unifies endpoint security and is a powerfully intelligent source of policy enforcement.

With true Network Access Control and intelligent threat prevention, Matrix CNI is addressing enterprise security with prevention-first solutions – from malicious, intentional cybercrime to circumventing the threat of untrusted devices.

User First, Technology Second

At Matrix CNI we empower businesses to regain control of their networks with sustainable tools for attack prevention and ultimate network control. Whether you’re simply looking for better NAC or need broader help confronting increased security threats, we’ll support your policy enforcement with intelligent, tailored solutions. We strive to deliver user-first, mobile-first security strategies that put your users’ needs first, making secure mobility a possibility.

The Network Specialists

Networking is our heritage.  As a specialist network integrator with over 14 years’ experience in ever-changing network and security technologies, Matrix CNI delivers and optimises your security solutions with your unique network architecture in mind: 

  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network management
  • Tier 1 vendor partnerships 

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Our capabilities extend to all points of vulnerability, including the access layer (internet or WAN), wired and wireless networks, datacentre, endpoints and the cloud.

Secure your ever-changing perimeter with:

  • BYOD and endpoint security
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Inter-Virtual Machine (VM) security
  • Virtual Machine (VM) security automation
  • Private and public cloud protection
  • Internet gateway / perimeter security
  • Zero-day / Unknown Threat Protection
  • Network Segmentation / Zero-Trust

Leading Vendor Partnerships

Our best-in-breed partners deliver a highly-integrated, full perimeter security solution. 

  • Aruba
  • Palo Alto
  • Fortinet
  • Juniper Networks

The Personalised Matrix Experience

Our dynamic team of experts are dedicated to building a solution tailored to your requirements, and securing it within the perimeter. We’ll work with you every step of the way, with:

  • A dedicated security expert from start to finish (unlike the impersonal experiences of bigger providers)
  • A specialised assessment of your entire network and its points of vulnerability before implementation of new security solutions – ensuring holistic protection and control
  • Individualised user training enabling your IT staff to respond to unexpected breaches and know when to get other people involved

At Matrix CNI, we combine industry-leading expertise, a flexible approach and an agile mindset for truly personalised, problem-solving services.

Strategy, Design, Implementation, Support

With Matrix CNI, help is always at hand:

  • Ad-hoc maintenance and support, without callout and minimum-time charges, so you can respond to unexpected breaches or tweak solutions instantly
  • 24/7 support agreements for ultimate response time and service provision