Sophisticated security solutions designed to address advanced, targeted and ever-evolving threats – across the network, data centre, endpoints, devices, users and the cloud.

Cybercrime is more than an IT issue, it’s a strategic business risk that impacts every aspect of the enterprise. Data, resources, and identities are at constant threat of attack, and security breaches can wreak financial and internal havoc if businesses aren’t equipped with the tools to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks. With true network access control and intelligent threat prevention, we address enterprise security with prevention-first solutions – from malicious cybercrime to circumventing the threat of untrusted devices.

Re-thinking data collection, storage and security in an IoT world

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Surety for the modern data centre
Real-time user authentication
Edge and endpoint security
In-depth behavioural analytics
Internal and external threat protection
Edge to core 360° protection
Actionable AI-powered insights

Surety for the modern data centre

Connect, secure and orchestrate your operations with a cost-effective, agile data centre designed to support today’s business needs and tomorrow’s growth plans. Our data centre solutions feature advanced protection against evolving threats and attacks to deliver reliable performance and streamlined operations.

  • Sophisticated threat protection
  • Data and application security
  • Visibility and control
  • Move from SIEM to SOAR

Real-time user authentication

Today's most significant threats don't originate from outside the enterprise; they come from trusted insiders. To protect your network, our comprehensive solutions verify exactly who and what is connecting to your network – from employees and guests, to devices – across any vendor’s wired, wireless or VPN hardware.

  • Enforcement and visibility for wired and wireless
  • Secure device configuration
  • Granular role and device based policies
  • Multi-vendor compatible

Edge and endpoint security

By 2020, there will be as many as 50 billion connected devices. With far more entry and exit points to cover, a broader and more diverse attack surface has emerged. By leveraging leading edge and endpoint security solutions, we offer holistic security strategies with greater visibility, context, and control from the Cloud to the network to the endpoint.

  • Protect the entire end-to-end infrastructure
  • Proactive protection to stay a step ahead
  • Endpoint visibility and control
  • Secure applications and connectivity from data centre to cloud

In-depth behavioural analytics

Security tools are fast becoming obsolete as cybercriminals employ increasingly sophisticated methods to bypass traditional security perimeters. Our AI-based machine learning and advanced analytics solutions rise to the challenge by detecting and responding to users and entities that might compromise your entire system – and stop them before they do damage.

  • Predict malicious intent through analytics
  • Always-on monitoring and attack detection
  • Accelerated incident investigation
  • Mature enterprise-class scalability
  • Seamless integrations for comprehensive insights
  • Business context and policy-based attack response

Internal and external threat protection

Securing the evolving enterprise network – inside and out – is an increasingly complex task. By integrating security tools such as threat intelligence, network access controls, user and device identification and authentication systems, firewalls, and behaviour analytics solutions, we keep your business steps ahead of cybercriminals.

  • Unified solution to protect against internal and external threats
  • Monitor, control, and protect the expanding digital attack surface
  • Easy to deploy and manage

Edge to core 360° protection

Unified and automated, our security frameworks are designed to help customers secure today’s complex, distributed, and continuously evolving networks by reducing and managing the attack surface, preventing advanced threats and removing complexity.

  • Network-agnostic security solutions
  • Centralised, simplified management
  • Superior protection against sophisticated threats
  • Seamless interoperability

Actionable AI-powered insights

Artificial intelligence is a powerful weapon in the fight against cyber threats. With the ability to analyse massive volumes of data, AI can proactively detect attacks that may have evaded other systems - and then serve up fast, actionable insights. By applying machine-learning our AI-powered solutions solve a diverse range of network and security challenges, allowing the enterprise to respond with greater confidence and speed.

  • Analytics-driven protection and network security
  • Machine learning-based behavioural analytics
  • Faster, more accurate insights
  • Continuously learning to tackle the latest and most sophisticated threats

The network security specialists

Networking is our heritage. Operating at the intersection of experience, business and technology we design, deliver and manage futureproof networking solutions with security at their core. With clients traversing education, health, government and the enterprise, our deep and broad expertise paired with an agile and flexible methodology assures the delivery of a dependable, secure network for ultimate peace of mind.

Gain confidence in your security posture

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