Network Management

Achieve uncompromised visibility, control, and deep network insight with best-of-breed solutions for managing the modern enterprise network.

The ubiquity of mobility, Cloud and IoT is putting unprecedented strain on today’s networks. As a growing number of users, devices, applications and data compete for bandwidth, IT teams must be armed with the tools to maintain a balance between delivering a secure, dependable network and meeting unforgiving user expectations. Our deep network expertise addresses these challenges with secure intelligent solutions designed to reduce downtime, improve business agility, radically simplify management and deliver a high performing network 24/7.

Connecting a Remote Workforce

Why the network matters

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Zero touch provisioning
Enhanced network visibility and control
Network optimisation for peak productivity
Advanced insights and analytics
Smart fault analysis and remediation
Simplified guest access

Zero touch provisioning

Reduce the complexity of deployments with simplified network provisioning. Our plug-n-play solutions deliver instant and autonomous device configuration freeing your team up to focus on more important issues. 

  • Automate deployments and rollouts
  • Reduce network complexity
  • Save time and resources
  • Minimise errors
  • Scale deployments as required

Enhanced network visibility and control

Networks are complex. With so many endpoints it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see who or what is on the network, and how to detect possible threats. Our network visibility tools help you keep a close eye on traffic, applications and performance - all managed from a single pane-of-glass.

  • Extend visibility and eradicate blind spots
  • Optimise application performance
  • Pinpoint threats before they become an issue
  • Identify trends and plan for future growth
  • Scale your network alongside organisational growth

Network optimisation for peak productivity

Get the most out of your network to meet your unique business objectives and performance demands. By combining industry-leading network expertise, a flexible approach and an agile mindset, we deliver a personalised, problem-solving service that drives end-to-end efficiencies.

  • Improve application performance
  • Better manage bandwidth utilisation
  • Minimise network congestion
  • Maximise network speeds between branches

Advanced insights and analytics

With a deeper understanding of your network you will be equipped to make impactful data-driven decisions. Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation, our insights and analytics solutions keep your network secure by turning data into actionable insights to boost network performance, improve customer experience, optimise operations and increase revenue.

  • Secure your network with real-time insights
  • Prevent network disruptions with fast troubleshooting
  • Achieve total application visibility
  • Optimise network resources
  • Identify new revenue streams

Smart fault analysis and remediation

Harness automation and machine learning to proactively identify patterns that indicate potential network problems and resolve them before they happen. Not only does this increase the speed of detection and resolution, it also saves hours of troubleshooting and downtime.

  • Rapidly pinpoint and troubleshoot network issues
  • Detect malware attacks
  • Identify phishing activity
  • Protect against insider threats

Simplified guest access

Securely authenticate guests and centrally manage their access to your network for a consistent Wi-Fi experience. Our guest Wi-Fi solutions deliver high performance connectivity and a seamless brand experience to keep customers satisfied.

  • Seamless security enforcement
  • Role-based access control
  • Centralised authentication
  • Simple, secure and cloud-managed
  • Customised guest portals
  • Visibility through analytics and reporting

The network management specialists

Networking is our heritage. Operating at the intersection of experience, business and technology we design, deliver and manage futureproof networking solutions. With clients traversing education, health, government and the enterprise, our deep and broad expertise paired with an agile and flexible methodology assures the delivery of networking services and solutions which translate into accelerated growth.

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