F5 Networks

F5 Networks, Inc. is a multinational American company which specializes in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) technology that optimizes the delivery of network-based applications and the security, performance, availability of servers, data storage devices, and other network resources. 48 of Fortune 50 companies rely on F5.

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Our Partnership

Matrix CNI has partnered with F5 since its inception. As a company that delivers enhanced performance on the network, it has been a mainstay for our solution designs.

F5 were known best for their load balancing appliances however they have evolved to a multifaceted security and application delivery vendor. Their products streamline the network making it faster, more secure and more reliable.

F5 have been leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers almost as long as we have been working together. Their expertise in applications and ours with Networking adds robustness to our powerful solution framework.

Matrix CNI is a F5 Networks Silver Partner.

How we can help you:

  • Load Balancing while providing High Availability (HA) for critical business applications.
  • Speeding up web applications through Web Application Acceleration.
  • Implementing Identity and Access Management.
  • Data Centre Security.
  • Safe guarding service provider multi-tenancy.

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